Web hosting

We manage a reliable, secure premium web hosting service for our clients.


Fast, high performance servers in Australia. Fully managed.


Monitored and security hardened.

SSL included

SSL certificates installed and renewed for free. This is important.

WordPress upgrades included

WordPress and plugins kept up to date and secure for you, hands-free.

Backups included

Regular backups stored safely in three different locations.

Domain names

We also register, configure and manage domain names for most clients. Having one provider for hosting and domains keeps things hassle-free.


How do backups work?

We take daily, weekly and monthly backups of your entire hosting account. Copies of these are stored two different secure servers. They’re also periodically downloaded and stored offline by us.

Can you host my email?

We don’t provide email hosting.

Most businesses use a dedicated business email service because these offer a massive amount of storage space, dedicated mobile apps and other tools.. We recommend Google’s G Suite but you could also consider Microsoft’s Exchange Online or Office365

If we host your site we can set up the relevant DNS records to work with one of these services free of charge.

Can you host my website if you didn’t build it/don’t maintain it?

No. We only host websites that we look after. That way we can be sure there’s nothing insecure on our servers.

What are your hosting packages and prices?
plan storage space monthly bandwidth price/yr
standard static sites only 400mb 2.5gb $170
midrange 2gb 40gb $250
primo 3gb 60gb $350
primo big bandwidth 3gb 150gb $600
ultra 3.5gb 80gb $450
mega 4.5gb 150gb $600
ultra mega 5.5gb 150gb $750
What are your domain registration and management prices?

$50 per year per domain.

Do you have terms of service and an acceptable use policy?

It just so happens that we do. You can read these here.