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Email Marketing

The Go4 Mailouts system lets you create and send beautiful emails, manage your subscribers and see what people are reading and clicking. Here’s some of the main things it does:

  • Hands-free subscribing


    People can sign up from your website and be automatically added to your list. There’s no need for you to manage unwieldy lists in Outlook.

  • Compose and send easily

    Compose emails

    Compose your messages in a simple editor. Styling is taken care of for you. Choose when you want the message sent, set and forget.

  • Stats, beautiful stats

    Mailouts statistics

    Get amazing (and beautiful) statistics after you send. See how many people are opening your newsletters and which links they’re clicking.

  • Archive. Automatically.

    Mailouts website archives

    Have your newsletters automatically listed on your website after you send them.

  • Stay legal

    Spam laws are big business and getting bigger. Because of this Mailouts lets people instantly unsubscribe and adds them to a suppression list to stop you ever resending to them.

  • iPhone

    Access the Mailouts system from your iPhone or mobile device. Oh, if you must.

Sound good? View some more pictures showing what managing your mailing list and composing email newsletters looks like.