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Website Maintenance & Management

After completing and launching new websites we offer options for maintenance, support and management of your website.

1. Maintenance and support agreements

Many of our customers choose to arrange a support and/or maintenance agreement with us.

This is a great option if your organisation needs things like

  • continual updates to your website
  • regular support for your team
  • regular email marketing campaigns designed and sent

We can tailor a maintenance agreement to your specific needs.


  • you’ll be a priority client – jump to the top of the queue
  • new features can be added to your site as you need them
  • discounted hourly rate
  • option of getting design/theme updates at specified intervals (a redesign of the site once a year for example)

2. Prepaid maintenance and support time

Prebuy a number of hours of our time and then use these when you need support, updates or maintenance. We’ll track the time we spend and give you regular updates on your balance.


  • discounted hourly rate
  • you only pay for the exact time we spend working for you

3. Pay as you go support

Of course you don’t have to arrange a maintenance agreement or prepurchase hours – just call or email us when you need something and we’ll do it as soon as possible.


  • no ongoing billing commitment

Maintenance and support work not covered by an agreement or prepaid hours is rounded up to the nearest half hour.