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Watch out for unsolicited domain registration invoices

Watch out for unsolicited domain registration invoices

You receive an invoice in the mail. It’s something to do with your domain name and you know it’s important not to let this expire so you reach for the cheque book/credit card… STOP!

For many years unscrupulous organisations have been sending misleading invoices to people offering to take over managing their domain name or to register additional domain names they don’t need. It works like this…

  1. They use a freely available lookup service (called a WHOIS) to find the names and addresses of domain name owners, including you
  2. They create a nice professional looking invoice for either your domain name, or a domain name that’s very similar to yours (for example yoursite.net.au when you use yoursite.com.au)
  3. …and pop it in the mail to you
  4. You receive it and if you’re not careful you end up paying an inflated price for a domain name that you don’t need.

What to do if you receive an invoice for a domain name and you’re not sure if it’s legit

  1. Check who the invoice is from (these companies are often called something legitimate sounding) and
  2. Check if it’s actually for your domain name, not something similar (remember .com.au is different to .com)
  3. Check the fine print (these often say things like ‘domain name available’ or ‘invitation to register’)
  4. Contact whoever you registered your domain through (look it up), or contact us if you’re not sure. (If you can’t remember who your domain name is registered through write it down somewhere when you find out)

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