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Using Facebook with your website

Using Facebook with your website

Social networking. Facebook. The words on everyone’s lips right now.

Here are two easy ways to use Facebook to help promote your business website that won’t require much extra work for you.

1. Let people to be good sharers

Building in the ability for your visitors to quickly share something they see and like on your site with their network of friends on Facebook (or other social networks) is a simple and effective way to getting your content spreading through those networks.

It works like this

  1. We set up the ability for people to share your content on your site – this adds some little icons to the bottom of your pages and posts
  2. A visitor to your site sees a page or post they like on your site, clicks a ‘Share on Facebook’ icon and is taken to their Facebook page where your link and a summary is prepopulated for them . They hit the button and you’re shared across their network.

2. Publish in two places at the same time

It’s pretty easy to to set up a Facebook page for your business. But how do you integrate this with your existing website without making a huge workload for yourself?

Quite easily actually. We can set up some tools so that whenever you publish a post – like a blog post or news item – on your site it’s also automatically published to your Facebook account at the same time.

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