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Upgrading your website

From August 31 2010 we will no longer be supporting the snapCMS system.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. We Love WordPress…

We’ve chosen to move forward with all new websites using the WordPress-based content system we’ve been using since 2007. (We haven’t built any new Snap sites for more than 2½ years now). Why?

  • The WordPress platform has a huge community of developers constantly working across the world.
  • As new things evolve in the field – for example Twitter, Facebook, blogging, Google Maps, Youtube – they’re available for immediate use within this system.
  • We don’t have any staff with indepth knowledge of the system.

…and so do lots of our customers

A number of our long-standing clients have chosen to rebuild their old snapCMS sites on the new system, including Sandringham Yacht Club, Peninsula Health & Waldron Smith Management. Read some of their comments on upgrading and using the new system »

2. We want to offer you the best options…

Our customers rely on us to be informed, and we are. Our job is to ensure that your site works efficiently and effectively in a competing market and can grow in depth and scope along with your changing needs, within the dynamic environment that is the internet.

…and work with our strengths

We excel at web design, content management systems, graphics and usability, blogging and social media, supporting clients and email marketing. Using WordPress as our platform of choice allows us to do these things efficiently.

snapCMS is a good platform for complex custom-developed web applications but this isn’t what we do any more.

See a comparison of features»

We understand that this may have an impact on our older customers. We also understand that it may seem like you are being forced to make a change, but the reality is this change is inevitable. Just like analogue TVs, older websites will eventually become obsolete. In this industry technology moves fast and this is forcing us to make this change.

We have always been honest and ethical in our dealings with our customers. We are again being straight with you by naming up the future options we are now facing within our business. You rely on our knowledge and advice.


See frequently asked questions about upgrading your website or contact us.

WordPress vs Snap CMS Features

  WordPress Snap CMS
advanced comment moderation
spam control
automatic rss feeds
composing and working with content
manage your content in any browser
(including safari, opera, google chrome, firefox and internet explorer)
save drafts you’re working on – publish when you’re ready
auto-saving of content revisions
trash in case you delete something you shouldn’t have
website architecture
use tags and/or categories for content
easily create private/password-protected pages
media management
easy management of your images and media
resizing of images to multiple sizes as you add them
social media
integrate feeds from your facebook and/or twitter accounts
offer your visitors the ability to share your content on their social media accounts
future proof
new features always being added
large community of developers
forms and data capture
spamproof captcha verification for all forms
track entries and export to excel
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