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Go4’s new responsive website

go4 responsive website

You know the apocryphal stories about builders with half-finished houses and plumbers with leaky taps? I bet those apocryphal builders and plumbers are so busy working for their lucky apocryphal customers that they have trouble finding the time to do their own stuff.

Hence we’ve seized the quieter post-Christmas lull time to finally finish a responsive rebuild of our website. So we can stop blushing and muttering about workload when we advise everyone else to get a mobile-friendly site.

Anyway, excuses aside, you’re looking at it. Maybe on a tablet, maybe on a phone, maybe on a whizzbang postage stamp-sized doodad that’s not even conceived of as I write this. Enjoy…

Steve is Go4's fearless leader. He designs, codes, project manages and wrestles with his inbox.

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