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More about integrating your Facebook and Twitter account with your website

If you want to integrate your social media accounts with your website there are a growing number of different techniques you can use that work quite differently. We’re often asked about this so here’s a quick overview…


1. Directly linking from your website to your Facebook or Twitter page
2. Allowing others to share/like/tweet things on your website with their social media networks
3. Pushing feeds from your website onto your Facebook or Twitter account
4. Pulling feeds from your Facebook or Twitter account onto your website

facebook & twitter badges1. Directly linking from your website to your Facebook or Twitter page

This is one of the simplest and most commonly used techniques across the web. We add a Find us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter button somewhere on your site (usually in the sidebar or the footer area) that links directly to your Facebook or Twitter page.

Nothing fancy going on here but you give your customers a super easy way to find your social media accounts.

Live examples: Enchanted Maze Garden (Facebook), St Kilda Boat Sales (Facebook and Twitter), GXY

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Put your &*%! phone number in your email signature

Got five minutes? Here’s my number one super easy tip to help people contact you:

Create an email signature that puts your contact details at the bottom of your emails.


At least once every day when I’m at work I read an email from someone, pick up the phone to call them and realise that I don’t have their phone number. It must be at the bottom of their email, right?

Well, as often as not, no. I then hang up the phone, dig through my contacts to find the number, call the person back and… by this stage more likely than not I forget what I was calling for.

A quick and very unscientific survey of my inbox right now shows about a 50/50 split between people who include their contact details on their emails and people who don’t. That’s crazy.

It’s so easy to create an email signature. Do it now!

How to create an email signature in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Choose Tools → Options
  3. Choose the Mail Format tab then click the Signatures button
  4. Make sure you’re on the E-mail Signature tab
  5. Click the New button
  6. Type a name (eg ‘work signature’ – this is just for

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What are RSS feeds?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Using RSS feeds is a way of keeping track of updates to a frequently updated website or part of a website, showing when new articles or comments have been added.

For example if you regularly read 20 different blogs or sites you could subscribe to RSS feeds from each of these sites and then use a feedreader to easily check a digest of all new articles each day without having to visit all of the sites one by one.

Should I have an RSS feed from my website?

If you have a website and publish regular updates, like news or blog posts, you should offer your visitors the chance to subscribe to your website’s RSS feed.

How do I do this?

If we build you a website using WordPress you’ll automatically have an RSS feed from your site. The address of your feed will be http://www.yourdomainname.com/feed/. If you have different types or categories of content that you regularly update you can also offer people category-specific feeds.

For example the Go4 website’s main RSS feed is here: https://www.go4.com.au/feed/ – this shows alls new posts we add to our site. The RSS feed for our blog is available at …

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Using Facebook with your website

Social networking. Facebook. The words on everyone’s lips right now.

Here are two easy ways to use Facebook to help promote your business website that won’t require much extra work for you.

1. Let people to be good sharers

Building in the ability for your visitors to quickly share something they see and like on your site with their network of friends on Facebook (or other social networks) is a simple and effective way to getting your content spreading through those networks.

It works like this

  1. We set up the ability for people to share your content on your site – this adds some little icons to the bottom of your pages and posts
  2. A visitor to your site sees a page or post they like on your site, clicks a ‘Share on Facebook’ icon and is taken to their Facebook page where your link and a summary is prepopulated for them . They hit the button and you’re shared across their network.

2. Publish in two places at the same time

It’s pretty easy to to set up a Facebook page for your business. But how do you integrate this with your existing website without making …

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