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We’re offering free SSL for our premium hosting clients

In 2017 we’ll be setting up SSL certificates for all of our premium* web hosting customers’ sites and changing things over so they use encrypted https connections

What does that mean?

Short answer

People visiting these websites will see https and a padlock or ‘secure’ message in the address bar of their browser.

Longer answer

When you visit a website your web browser and the web server hosting the site talk to each other and exchange information.

Browser: Hello. I’m checking out your page. Nice. Can I have the header image please?
Server: Certainly, here you go.
Browser: Thanks. I’d like to log in now please.
Server (slightly suspiciously): OK, what’s your username and password?
Browser: Here you go.
Server: OK, just let me check… Great, that’s correct. Here’s the private page you asked for.
… and so on.

Over a standard (also called non-encrypted or http) connection there’s a chance this communication could be intercepted and if so anything sent – like that password for example – could be stolen. Over a secure (encrypted or https or SSL) connection the browser asks for the server’s SSL certificate, makes sure it checks out and

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What’s the deal with WordPress upgrades?

* Important bit: if we host your website we deal with upgrades for you.

From time to time you may have noticed info in your WordPress admin dashboard about upgrades – ever wondered what that’s all about?

What are upgrades?

Upgrades fix bugs and security vulnerabilities and sometimes add new bells and whistles. There are so many nasty people out there that it’s essential to keep everything running your website up to date because otherwise it may be at risk.

What type of upgrades are we talking about?

There are upgrades to WordPress itself and to the plugins that add extra functionality to your site.

WordPress upgrades

Major new releases come out two or three times a year. These bring improvements to the way WordPress runs and sometimes new features and/or changes to the admin interface.

Since late 2013 the WordPress core now updates itself automatically with what are called maintenance releases, on average once a month or so. These are usually fixes for small things and won’t even notice them.

If you want to get technical major releases have two digits (WordPress 3.9) and maintenance releases have three digits (3.9.1). In 2013 there were three major releases and six maintenance releases.

WordPress updates are generally well-tested and if there are important changes we know well

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Stopping support for Internet Explorer 8

Like Google, WordPress and most other web companies before us Go4 is officially ending support for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) as of April 30, 2014.


In a world where responsive, mobile-friendly design makes up the majority of our work the reality is that we can’t build websites that look and work great on tablets, smartphones and new desktop web browsers and still have them work perfectly on old browsers. It’s like trying to build a new car engine and then make it run in a Morris Minor (ok, so that’s a laboured analogy, but you get the point).

Need an example?

Here are screenshots of the homepage of popular website AV Club taken in Google Chrome and IE8. Can you guess which is which?

Some facts about Internet Explorer 8

  1. IE8 was released released in 2009 to run on Windows XP, at the birth of the smartphone era so it’s not surprising it doesn’t support modern web development practices.
  2. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP and IE8 in early 2014. The current version of Internet Explorer is IE11
    “Internet Explorer 8 is also no longer supported… if you use Internet Explorer 8 to surf the web, you might be exposing your PC to additional threats.”  –
  3. The most popular browser used in the world today by a long

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Go4’s new responsive website

go4 responsive website

You know the apocryphal stories about builders with half-finished houses and plumbers with leaky taps? I bet those apocryphal builders and plumbers are so busy working for their lucky apocryphal customers that they have trouble finding the time to do their own stuff.

Hence we’ve seized the quieter post-Christmas lull time to finally finish a responsive rebuild of our website. So we can stop blushing and muttering about workload when we advise everyone else to get a mobile-friendly site.

Anyway, excuses aside, you’re looking at it. Maybe on a tablet, maybe on a phone, maybe on a whizzbang postage stamp-sized doodad that’s not even conceived of as I write this. Enjoy…

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What I got up to in Movember…

This post has been classified as MA. Go4 advises viewers that the following images may cause distress.

Donate and help Steve raise money for Movember »
(money goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, beyondblue and the Movember Foundation)

Day 7…

Day 14…

Day 21…

Day 28…

Day 38: The mo that wouldn’t die…

Beyond Blue

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An important message for our older clients with websites powered by Snap CMS

Since the start of 2008 Go4 has been building all new websites using the fantastic, flexible and modern WordPress platform as our content system of choice.

From the end of August 2010 we’re no longer going to be doing any further development on websites built with the older Snap CMS system. If your website was built in 2007 or earlier this probably affects you.

We want to reassure you that if your website does use Snap CMS it won’t stop working or change in any way after August 2010. We do also need to let you know that we won’t be able to do any further work on it for you or provide support.

In many cases older sites can be rebuilt using the newer system, which will give you the benefit of the latest technology, an easy to use system and lots of options for integrating newer features of the modern internet.

We are offering our valued customers generous discounts on rebuilding and advice on other options should this not be feasible.

More reading…

More about this change

Frequently asked questions

Experiences of customers who’ve already upgraded

Request a quote for an upgrade

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Office Renovations

I’m writing from my  remodelled Go4 office after a big weekend of painting, fitting of new desks and sorting out of assorted crap important paperwork. Thanks to the wonderful Rebekah and Guy, the long-suffering Annette and my patient girls and the cool calm and collected master deskmaker Ben Watkins (he’s available, but not for long).

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Go4 Mailouts stats now available on iPhone and mobile devices

We’re pleased to announce that you can now access your Go4 Mailouts stats on your iPhone or other mobile device.

As users of the system are aware the reports available after you send an e-newsletter or email marketing campaign are pretty comprehensive, showing for example how many people have opened messages and when, how many have clicked on links in messages and which ones (see Go4 Mailouts screenshots).

Until now you’ve needed to be at your computer to access these but stats-obsessives can now check in with them on the road.

iPhone users – if you like you can even make an icon on you home screen by going to your login page in Safari and choosing ‘Add to home screen’. Very slick!

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