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Bellingen EYE

Bellingen EYE

Bellingen EYE (Environmental Youth Experience) are a fantastic and inspiring group of young people with a passion for the environment. The group formed in our home town of Bellingen in 2007 and has gone from strength to strength.

Amongst other things they run several youth camps each year, work with Bellingen Urban Landcare, run workshops and encourage young people to become leaders and to have a voice in the community.

We’re proud to work with EYE on their website and have lots of fun.

Here’s a rough summary of what we’ve achieved together so far…

  • In 2008 we sat down with a couple of EYE members and their co-ordinator Lisa and nutted out a plan for the website.
  • EYE members Charlie and Jasmine worked on concept design with help from Mark from 30point4.
  • Steve and Michael from Go4 then worked with Charlie to turn this design into a fully functioning WordPress-powered website.
  • Since launch Charlie has maintained the website, calling on us if he needs help
  • In 2010 Charlie came up with a new design which he and Steve are working on integrating into the site integrated into the site. At the same time the focus of the site is changing to put more focus on blogging and to add some social networking goodness to hook up with EYE on Facebook.

Steve is Go4's fearless leader. He designs, codes, project manages and wrestles with his inbox.

  1. really nice website :-)

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