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Dervish Gallery http://www.go4.com.au/dervish-gallery/ http://www.go4.com.au/dervish-gallery/#comments Sat, 20 Dec 2014 23:35:32 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=3438 A simple but pretty responsive website for furniture and homewares mecca in Bellingen.

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Hick’s Law and making your menus smaller http://www.go4.com.au/hicks-law-and-making-your-menus-smaller/ http://www.go4.com.au/hicks-law-and-making-your-menus-smaller/#comments Wed, 03 Dec 2014 01:15:01 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=3413 ]]> You might have noticed that over the past few years the main navigation menus on websites are getting smaller. There’s a reason for this and it isn’t because website are getting smaller too. On the contrary – it’s because when you have too many choices your brain gets overloaded.

Hick’s Law is named after British psychologist William Hick whose work in the 1950s showed that the more choices people are offered the longer it takes for them to make a decision. If you offer too many choices people are more likely not to choose any of them.

Most people understand the idea of ‘chunking’ website information into logical groupings – like having a top-level About page with subpages for History, Team, Values – but it’s also important to not have too many top-level pages. Traditional wisdom – based on cognitive load theory’s ideas about the size of people’s working memory – is that your menu should have seven items at most. I’d suggest less if you can get away with it.

The smart approach is to feature prominently the main things people are looking for when they visit your site (or the things you want them to find) and put those in your primary menu. Instead of trying to have every bit of content on your site linked from a main menu show other, less important links elsewhere – at the bottom of the page or deeper into your site.

You’ll notice lots of sites don’t really even have a traditional menu anymore…


Liberioairbnb & Macaw don’t have big menus, they put their most important action items at the top…


... with further links at the bottom of the page

… with further links at the bottom of the page

Of course every case is different and not everyone has just one thing they want people to do when they visit their website. The most important takeaway from all of this is that you should let go of the idea that you need every single page on your site in your main menu.

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Giving website design feedback http://www.go4.com.au/giving-website-design-feedback/ http://www.go4.com.au/giving-website-design-feedback/#comments Thu, 27 Nov 2014 03:37:36 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=3405 ]]> At the risk of stating the obvious, design is subjective. Blue really works for some people but for others… meh. Same with Arial, or circles, or ‘flat design’, or fullscreen background images, or … you get the picture.

Getting something designed is an exciting collaboration between you and the designer. But what’s the best way to give your feedback? Here are a few tips I’ve learnt from many years on the receiving end…

1. Give feedback thinking about the overall aims for the project

The best feedback is specific and focussed on the aims for the project (“I think the ‘Join Now’ button should be more prominent so we can get more signups”), rather than vague (“It needs to feel more, I don’t know, relaxed”).

2. Trust your designer

Of course I’m going to say that, aren’t I? But the reality is that you’re paying someone for their advice and experience and you should trust them. Good designers care about the end result and they’ll strongly argue their case if they believe a decision is wrong.

3. Remember websites aren’t fixed

Websites aren’t like printed documents – text and images change all the time, different browsers and operating systems display things in different ways. In the smartphone age responsive designs scale and change on different devices so there is no fixed ‘this is how it looks’. Good designs are flexible enough to change gracefully – at some times there might be three columns, at others just one. Keep this in mind and focus on the overall look and feel.

4. Design by committee doesn’t work

You’ll achieve nothing but a confusion if you tell your designer that “some of the committee really like the blue but but some hate it”.  Have one point of contact with your designer and make sure this person is authorised to make a decision and communicate this to your designer. Keep in mind that you’ll never please everyone and that making a compromise often ends up pleasing no-one.

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Australia ICOMOS http://www.go4.com.au/australia-icomos/ http://www.go4.com.au/australia-icomos/#comments Thu, 30 Oct 2014 00:09:09 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=467 We first worked with Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) to modify their conference website in 2009. Not long after this webrebuilt the organisation’s main website. In 2014 we rethemed the site and added some extra goodies.

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What’s the deal with WordPress upgrades? http://www.go4.com.au/whats-the-deal-with-wordpress-upgrades/ http://www.go4.com.au/whats-the-deal-with-wordpress-upgrades/#comments Thu, 22 May 2014 06:44:52 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=3206 ]]> * Important bit: if we host your website we deal with upgrades for you.

From time to time you may have noticed info in your WordPress admin dashboard about upgrades – ever wondered what that’s all about?

What are upgrades?

Upgrades fix bugs and security vulnerabilities and sometimes add new bells and whistles. There are so many nasty people out there that it’s essential to keep everything running your website up to date because otherwise it may be at risk.

What type of upgrades are we talking about?

There are upgrades to WordPress itself and to the plugins that add extra functionality to your site.

WordPress upgrades

Major new releases come out two or three times a year. These bring improvements to the way WordPress runs and sometimes new features and/or changes to the admin interface.

Since late 2013 the WordPress core now updates itself automatically with what are called maintenance releases, on average once a month or so. These are usually fixes for small things and won’t even notice them.

If you want to get technical major releases have two digits (WordPress 3.9) and maintenance releases have three digits (3.9.1). In 2013 there were three major releases and six maintenance releases.

WordPress updates are generally well-tested and if there are important changes we know well in advance what they’ll be. For major releases we test beta releases for any potential impacts well before release date

Plugin upgrades

Most sites use a handful of WordPress plugins to do various things (to create contact forms, image sliders, manage SEO for example). Each plugin developers releases updates at different frequencies as they add new features or fix bugs and/or security issues.

Again, if we host your site we’ll upgrade plugins for you.

Theme upgrades

Depending on how your site is set up these can be a bit more complex.

Do upgrades cause problems?

Not often.

If your version of WordPress is regularly kept up to date, your site uses as few plugins as possible and these are well-written you’re unlikely to have issues.

We make dozens of WordPress core and plugin upgrades every week and rarely come across an issue.

Is there a 100% guarantee an upgrade won’t cause an issue?

No. A dynamic website is a complex being made up of many parts. Sometimes one small change or bugfix in one place can have an unexpected flow-on effect that’s not instantly noticeable somewhere else.

If we upgrade for you we back up before starting and we look over your site after finishing. If you notice anything you think is different let us know and we’ll look into it.

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32nd NIBA Convention http://www.go4.com.au/32nd-niba-convention/ http://www.go4.com.au/32nd-niba-convention/#comments Tue, 13 May 2014 02:24:13 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=3188 A fully responsive website designed for 32nd NIBA Convention, managed by our major client Waldron Smith Management.

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Australian Orthodontic Congress 2016 http://www.go4.com.au/australian-orthodontic-congress-2016/ http://www.go4.com.au/australian-orthodontic-congress-2016/#comments Mon, 05 May 2014 01:08:08 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=3448 Another site developed with our partner WaldronSMITH Management.

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Stopping support for Internet Explorer 8 http://www.go4.com.au/stopping-support-for-internet-explorer-8/ http://www.go4.com.au/stopping-support-for-internet-explorer-8/#comments Wed, 30 Apr 2014 02:18:12 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=3167 ]]> Like Google, WordPress and most other web companies before us Go4 is officially ending support for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) as of April 30, 2014.


In a world where responsive, mobile-friendly design makes up the majority of our work the reality is that we can’t build websites that look and work great on tablets, smartphones and new desktop web browsers and still have them work perfectly on old browsers. It’s like trying to build a new car engine and then make it run in a Morris Minor (ok, so that’s a laboured analogy, but you get the point).

Need an example?

Here are screenshots of the homepage of popular website AV Club taken in Google Chrome and IE8. Can you guess which is which?

avclub chrome avclub ie8

Some facts about Internet Explorer 8

  1. IE8 was released released in 2009 to run on Windows XP, at the birth of the smartphone era so it’s not surprising it doesn’t support modern web development practices.
  2. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP and IE8 in early 2014. The current version of Internet Explorer is IE11
    “Internet Explorer 8 is also no longer supported… if you use Internet Explorer 8 to surf the web, you might be exposing your PC to additional threats.”  –
  3. The most popular browser used in the world today by a long margin is Google Chrome, followed by  Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.
  4. April 2014 stats from StatCounter show Internet Explorer 8 is used by less than 5% of global internet users and stats from our client websites confirm this. This figure is dropping monthly.browser versions showing ie8 april 2014, statcounter
    StatCounter browser versions April 2013 – April 2014. (Other stats sources show even lower IE8 usage)
  5. Google dropped support for IE8 in 2012 (and IE9 in 2013) across their range of products (Gmail, YouTube, Analytics).

What does ‘ending support’ mean?

It means that we can’t guarantee that websites we build will look or function perfectly on Internet Explorer 8 (or earlier versions of IE). 

I still use IE8 – what can I do?

Download a new browser – you’ll probably be surprised at how much faster and easier to use it is. Update to the latest version of Internet Explorer or try Firefox or Chrome (our pick).

If you’re in a corporate network environment and aren’t able to do this yourself encourage your network administrator to either upgrade your version of IE or add Chrome or Firefox to your machine. If your corporate network is still running Windows XP your administrator should be taking steps to upgrading and doing so soon.

“If you continue to use Windows XP now that support has ended, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.” – Microsoft

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Executive Edge Travel + Events http://www.go4.com.au/executive-edge-travel-events/ http://www.go4.com.au/executive-edge-travel-events/#comments Thu, 13 Mar 2014 01:21:54 +0000 http://www.go4.com.au/?p=3182 A fully responsive website redesign for Melbourne luxury travel agents extraordinaire Executive Edge Travel + Events.

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